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Guardian Home Project

For any questions on Our Guardian Home Project and to view our contract please call or text:




If you text, please include your email so we can send the contract to you. 

Guardian Home

     We are breeders engaged in breeding Standard Poodles, Berniedoodles, Borderdoodles, and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Our dogs are considered beloved members of our family. We created a Guardian-Home Program to grow our breeding program while still providing each of our breeding dogs with a Loving environment in a Guardian family. We refuse to have our beloved dogs live in a kennel environment. We believe that happy, loved dogs will produce amazing offspring. We breed for temperament, health, and physical attributes. Living in a loving home is essential for our breeders to produce top quality puppies. A Guardian Home is not a foster situation. This is a great way for a family to have their very own high quality puppy, chosen by the breeder without the upfront cost of buying the high quality puppy.  

* Must live locally to North Adams, Mi (70 miles Radius)

* Must commit to some travel (meeting for tests/breedings/visits)

* Must fill out our Application/Legal signed contract & Provide proof of Residence and ID

* Maintain proper Safety/Health/Care/Grooming of said Guardian Puppy/Dog

* No interference with the Breeding process.

* Must be knowledgeable & Informative about the Heat Cycle (signs of heat in a female dog)

 * Follow simple safety guidelines from Breeder (Crate Training/Leash/Fence... etc)

***This is not our contract, please use the contact information above for the full, detailed Guardian Home Contract. 

* Use Recommended Vet

*Must provide references if asked



Meet Curry! He is a beautiful Mini Goldendoodle and is all trained. His favorite past time is playing in water, he is a sure water boy. He loves kids and loves animals. He is one of the sweetest boys! I'm looking for the perfect guardian home for Curry. He will be free up front, I can send my contract to explain in more detail. Look no further then bringing curry into your home and being loved by this dude.