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Comfort toys

 Every new puppy owner needs a snuggle puppy in there sweet dog lives. They are such great support for the transitioning to there new homes.  Not only do they have a heartbeat to give comfort but give some warmth as well. We highly reccommend a snuggle puppy for your new forever pet. Here is the link for it. Thank you

Teether toys

Assortnments of toys we recommend for your new puppy. We always get asked, what do your recommend for toys, or what do we need to get to bring home our new puppy. Eveyone wants to be prepared these days, we want the best for our puppies and are hopeful this can help you as your bring your new fur baby home. Below are links to our amazon store that we highly recommend. 

The best teething toys:


The best water /food bowls that we recommend.

Travel with your dog

The best Dog Food that we highly recommend id TLC Pet Food. Hit this and get $5.00 off your first order.

Flooring/rugs for pets

We recently found the tumble rug, if you have pets or small kids look no further then this rug! It's actually washable! We highly recommend this product.  

Training your new fur pet

Training takes time and consistency. As you get your new puppy, here are some helpful things that make training easier for your family. Follow the links to what HS recommends.


 Bell training:




Kit for obedience: