Please complete the following information to be placed in our waiting list. When contacted back there is a $100.00 non refundable fee to be placed on our waiting list. This money will then go against the deposit when the litter is born. 

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Bernedoodle Litter waiting list

For all waiting list applicants we do require a $100.00 deposit to be placed on our waiting list. This money will transfer over towards the deposit placed, but is non refundable. 

Anticipated Expecting late April - June 2021 delivery. F1 and F1b mini Bernedoodle litter

Kelly Faye, Tri/tri parti --Thank you so much

Maddie Kirk Tri Male ---Thank you so much

Maeghan legally female---Thank you so much

Melanie Prestige male ---- Thank you so much

Sarah Richter female---- Thank you so much.

Clare Hennessy male or female Tri ---Thank you so much.

Allie Hayes -female----- Thank you so much.

Paige Paulson - female ---- Thank you so much. 

Karla Todd - female ----- Thank you so much!!

Heather Filer-male ----- Thank you so much!

Stacie Knowles- female--- Thanknyou so much!

Anticipated F1 Standard Bernedoodles late spring 2021

Emma Bouchard--Thank you so much.

Melanie Prestidge male ---Thank you so much.

Monica Prokupecz ---- 2 puppies- Thank you so much. 

Victoria Lohrius - female tri - thank you! 

Gelina Kieffer - female- thank you!

Kyle Stuart -female---Thank you so much!

F1 mini Bernedoodles late summer 2021

Sue and Joe Frisco- female---- Thank you so much!!!

Anticipated Bernese Mountain Dog Litter spring/summer 2021

Rosemarie Steig -female--- Thank you so much!!!

Standard Poodle Litter waiting list

Cherie and Stewie due May 12th, small standard poodles probably weight 45-50 pounds.

Glorie Luis  black/white Part

Sarah Tinker -phantom

Moyen poodles anticipated late fall 2021

Tonya Yoder ---- Tri Poodle- Thank you so much

Standard poodles potential Blue Merle late fall 2021

Jennifer Proctor ----female Parti Merle - Thank you so much!

Borderdoodle litter waiting list

Anticipated litter late April 2021