Border Collies

About the Border Collie

Borders are athletic, medium-sized herders standing 18 to 22 inches at the shoulder. The overall look is that of a muscular but nimble worker unspoiled by passing fads. Both the rough coat and the smooth coat come in a variety of colors and patterns.

The almond eyes are the focus of an intelligent expression—an intense gaze, the Border’s famous “herding eye”, is a breed hallmark. On the move, Borders are among the canine kingdom’s most agile, balanced, and durable citizens.

The intelligence, athleticism, and trainability of Borders have a perfect outlet in agility training. Having a job to perform, like agility—or herding or obedience work—is key to Border happiness. Amiable among friends, they may be reserved with strangers.

Our Smart Laya Girl

Meet Laya, our special farm dog, she is registered with UKC performance Dog and ICA registered.  Laya is super intelligent with keen senses of herding and protecting her farm. In August 2020 we will be breeding her to NZ Louie, an AKC Blue Merle Standard Poodle.  If you are looking for a wonderful pet and great intelligence look no further then this combo. The Border Collie and Standard Poodle is by far superior in intelligence and what an addition to your family.  For pricing and payment information click on this link Borderdoodle puppy to place your deposit.

Rivulet's sweet Gypsy Girl

Meet our sweet Gypsy girl. She is ICA registered Border Collie. She is sweet, loving, watchful and extremely intelligent. We look forward to watching her grow into a great farm dog. Keep watching for more information on Gypsy in our breeding program.