Payment Options

Pricing and Payment

Payment methods: Cash or PayPal or Venmo: For all payments, please email/call/text me so I can put all the information with your deposit for the puppy you have picked. 

Policies for Payment:

* Before liters are born you can reserve a pick by placing a non-refundable reserve-list deposit. This will give you top pick of the liter you are interested in. Picks are given in the order I receive the deposits. All Deposits are Non-Refundable.

*We accept Cash, PayPal and Venmo (Please use the "Friends and Family"option to prevent additional charges)

*You may make a deposit on a puppy using the links below, but please contact me before you place the deposit. 

* Please no Checks for final purchase, Cash is preferred.

*Puppies can go home at between 7-8 weeks. Full payment must be made before the puppy leaves our home. If the puppy stays longer for training, the full payment must be made before training begins. 

* Our first desire is for you to come to our home and see first hand where your baby was born, but if that does not work out for you, we also can offer other alternatives so that your sweet bundle will arrive home safely. 

We accept PayPal and Venmo for the deposit to hold your baby.  

We use Friends and Family on PayPal. Here are the instructions to use friends and family:

Login to your PayPal account.

Click Send & Request.Under Send money,

Enter phone number, email or contact name.

When prompted, select Sending to a friend.

Enter payment amount, add a note (optional) and Submit.

For Venmo payment I will need your Gmail account to send your invoice.